PowerMate 机动爬楼梯手推车

PowerMate LE-1 爬楼梯手推车

PowerMate 3 点 您一定会像我们一样对 PowerMate 爱不释手!

The PowerMate LE-1 is our "Stacker" stair climber and is unique in the PowerMate lineup. The LE-1 has two drive screws instead of one which provides distinct advantages for certain applications as the toe plate can move up and down along the frame.

By moving the load along the frame you change the balance of the machine. This is particularly useful for small, heavy loads like wood stoves, compressors, electric motors or barrels. The effort to move loads up stairs can then be greatly reduced with almost zero weight on the hand grips. The LE-1 also comes standard with hand operated wheel brakes which means the unit cannot roll forward unless you release the brake.

另一个明显的优势是双驱动螺杆设计的堆垛机功能。LE-1 可以提升负载并将其放置在凸出的平面上。当我们需要将柴炉放置到炉床,将自动售货机或游戏机放置到柜台上,或者进行任何将负载提升并放置到某个平面上的操作时,该功能同样会十分有用。


所有 PowerMate 爬楼梯手推车均可以将负载提升并放置到卡车车床等平面。它们通过将车轮抬高(此举会延伸框架)至凸出的平面来完成此项操作;然后只需关闭机器,将负载提升并放置到凸出的平面即可。然而如果使用 LE-1 的话,您只需提升负载,而不用连带提升 PowerMate。

The LE-1 has a lifting capacity of 700 lbs. and can move all the same types of loads such as appliances, hot water tanks, AC units, geothermal units, furnaces, drain cleaners and of course wood stoves, barrels, electric motors or other heavy loads. For pricing information contact PowerMate at 1-800-697-6283 or leave your contact information and a Solutions Specialist will contact you at your convenience.

PowerMate LE-1 的优势

  1. 按高标准进行制造,机器性能非常可靠。提供了出色的性价比,以及业内最低的购置和维护总成本。

  2. 集四台机器于一身:电动爬楼梯手推车;电动后挡板起重机;装卸口矫直机以及具备堆垛功能的均衡台车。

  3. 双驱动螺杆设计使框架上的负载达到完美平衡,从而进一步减少了搬运重物上下楼梯的工作量。

  4. 一个强大的省力设备,可以帮助降低成本并增加盈利。

  5. 堆垛机功能可以将负载放置在诸如炉床和卡车车床(前置式功能)等凸起的平面上

  6. 与其他搬运方式相比,可以减少对财物和产品的损坏。

  7. 有助于树立您的专业形象。

  8. 提供卓越的客户服务和培训支持。

  9. 有助于工作现场安全,并减少工伤和索赔

  10. Reduces the physical effort to move heavy loads by 87%<

  11. 只需一半体力便可搬运重物。


The PowerMate LE-1 is manufactured to high standards with extruded aluminum and no welds to fail. The battery is the best performing in the industry, utilizing a state of the art charging system. The LE-1 will move a 500 lb load up and down 20 flights of stairs on a single charge! A typical battery life is 4 -7 years.

我们反复推敲 PowerMate 的每一个设计细节,务求令其成为市场上最符合人体工程学原理的起重设备。例如,操作人员的所有控制装置均巧妙地安置在机器顶端的手柄之间。

The PowerMate LE-1 has quality features unlike any other on the market. The LE-1 has two hardened steel drive screws that are perfectly matched with the motors and batteries to provide the best combination of strength, durability and efficiency. The integrated load locking safety feature in the ball nut provides additional drive system security.

The wheels on a PowerMate lift up and out of the way reducing the overall footprint of the machine – ideal in a tight spot like narrow stairwells and landings. This feature is also why you are able to break back the load with such relative ease; with the wheels out of the way, the effort to pull the load back onto the wheels is dramatically reduced. All PowerMate stair climbers have this unique feature, including the LE-1. Once the machine and load are back onto the wheels, you are now in a well balanced position - with no effort required to keep the load that way! You can even let go of the machine at this point! Very handy on stairwells for example if you should have to open a door or even answer your phone. This is impossible with a regular hand truck and is a major advantage to owning a PowerMate.

All PowerMates are manufactured with solid state controls which reduce the draw on the battery adding to your daily operating life as well as extending the life of the battery overall. Another advantage of solid state controls (unique in the industry) is the "soft start" feature. This further increases safety by reducing sudden movements during start up resulting in the smoother operation of the machine. The new controls also make servicing and maintenance as easy as 1-2-3!

All of these quality features contribute to the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. To find out how an LE-1 can contribute to the safety and profitability of your business, call 1-800-697-6283 or leave your contact information and a Solution Specialist will contact you at your convenience.


The LE-1 is a powered tailgate lift eliminating the need for ramps and unlike a regular tailgate lift, the LE-1 stores inside your vehicle and can move loads right to the point of install.


We understand your need to protect your clients' property and for that reason, all PowerMate stair climbers come with bottom rubber guards that are proven to protect all surfaces!


The LE-1 is the only PowerMate with dual drive screws that allow for the load to be balanced dynamically, during the move.

LE-1 搬运小型锅炉

The LE-1 is ideal for moving small boilers because of its ability to 'centre balance' the load on the frame by raising the toe plate. This is a very handy feature for small but heavy loads like boilers or wood stoves.


The PowerMate LE-1 is purpose built for the patio and hearth industry. The ability to easily balance the load during transit and the ability to stack loads are features required by our clients in this sector - Unique to PowerMate!


Wood stoves are compact bottom heavy loads, just the type of weight LE-1's are designed for. The load can be centred along the frame making the effort required to operate the machine on stairs reduced - ideal for older or smaller operators.

PowerMate LE-1 规格

PowerMate Stacker LE-1


    • 电子故障报警
    • 全自动制动系统
    • 超控离合器
    • 安全握把
    • 100% 压制铝结构
    • 机器体积为 24" 宽 x 16½" 深 x 60" 高
    • 机器重量为 184 磅/ 84 公斤
    • 重型控制开关
    • 24" 长多工位固定杆
    • 杆和板垫毡保护负载
    • 10' 长重型加固固定带
    • 快速释放安全锁定凸轮
    • 2 个超高效驱动螺杆
    • .65 千瓦高效率直流马达
    • 8" 直径防穿刺车轮
    • 24" 宽压制铝底板
    • 5/8” 直径实心钢轴
    • 全底橡胶防护罩
    • 起重高度为 40"(101.6 厘米)
    • 机器最大载重量为 700 磅
    • 过载保护
    • 固态控制装置
    • 先进的电子微处理器


The PowerMate LE-1 Stair Climber comes complete with two strapbars, one battery and battery charger, and wheel brakes.




450 lbs. (204 kg.)
450 lbs. (204 kg.)
350 lbs. (159 kg.)

700 lbs. (318 kg.)
700 lbs. (318 kg.)
700 lbs. (318 kg.)



PowerMate® 消除了




L-1 是一款装卸口矫直机!

LE-1 搬运复印机

装有粗糙地形车轮的 LE-1

Do you sometimes find yourself in a tight spot?

Add a Step Extension and Pivot Pad to your PowerMate purchase!

The Pivot Pad is made of durable material which allows you to turn the PowerMate, with its load, on a dime.


The Step Extension in effect gives you that 'extra' step that you wish you had when backed into a corner on tight landings. Because the PowerMate stair climber has the ability to 'skip' a step or two, the step extension allows installers maximum flexibility when working in older housing stock that have narrow, tight stairwells.


扩充台阶和枢轴垫可以与任何 PowerMate 爬楼梯手推车一起配合使用。