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Welcome to L P International Inc. You've found a place where you define what success means to you, and we help make it happen. It's where you'll be given the building blocks you need to forge a challenging new path, the opportunities you want to expand your skills, and the benefits that let you live the life you want. You'll work alongside co-workers who share your enthusiasm. And you'll discover avenues for growth and opportunity that will let you experience the career of a lifetime.

Whether you're applying for your first job or you're a career professional,
L P International Inc. offers success you can experience. If you want to be challenged, supported and applauded, this is where you belong.

Join Us.

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如果您在 L P International Inc. 注册、搜索或申请职位时遇到困难,或有关如何改进申请体验的一般性意见,请通过以下电子邮件地址与我们联系:hr@powermate.info

Current Positions

We are currently seeking highly skilled, driven people to join our team to fill the following positions:

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Inside Sales Representative
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如果您有意加入我们的团队,或者觉得自己具备可以贡献的其他特长,请将您的简历、求职信以及详细资历说明通过电子邮件发送至 hr@powermate.info。祝您事业顺利,并期待收到您的简历。