PowerMate 机动爬楼梯手推车

PowerMate is the safety moving system of choice for professionals in the Food Services and Beverage Industries. Our products are highly adaptable to lift a wide array of products such as beer kegs, beer and wine cases, bakery trays & more! If you’re using a conventional hand truck or carrying it today…PowerMate can help!

  • 提供可持续的短期投资回报率
  • 促进安全 —— 所需气力比原来减少了 87%。
  • Reduces the chance of personal injury and resulting costs. 
    (Averaging costs are over $29,000 per incident)
  • 削减劳动力成本 —— 减少完成工作所需人手,增加计费工时。
  • 保护产品与客户场所,避免昂贵的损失。
  • 通过增加推荐和回头客来提升业务
  • 提高效率和生产率 —— PowerMate 100% 负责起重多达 1500 磅/680 公斤的货物。协助搬运货物上下楼梯,并进行车辆装卸。
  • 提高旺季期间服务更多客户的能力
  • 拉开与竞争对手的距离并塑造专业形象 —— 被视为最佳实践的领导者与实施者